“I had a personal trainer and went on a strict diet that seemed like forever. I even considered liposuction because nothing was working. Then I went to LifeRestoreMD, and lost 10 pounds in just 6 weeks”.

Dana Bouchillon, Aiea

From 138 to 128 pounds

“At LifeRestoreMD, it took less than 12 weeks for me to lose 40 lbs. Dr. Behling gave me the tools I needed to educate myself so I could not only lose weight but keep it off. I have not gained a pound since!”.

Carol M. Thomason, Pearl City

From 178 to 138 pounds

“This was the first weight program I have ever tried, and I am happy to say it is my last! When I decided to try the LifeRestoreMD program, I thought, why not, what do I have to lose? Well, I lost 22 pounds, and I am on track to lose seven more! It took six months, but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought because Dr. Behling kept me motivated and on track and I was able to eat what I wanted.”.

Janelle Kaita , Honolulu

Lost 22 pounds

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