An Individualized Medical Weight Loss Program That Fits Your Lifestyle.

LifeRestore MD medical weight loss is an individualized program that takes into account your specific needs and energy requirements. No calorie goal is a good goal if it does not provide enough fuel for you to continue your work, care for your family and exercise.

In this program, you will learn to use low-calorie goals supported with FDA approved appetite suppressants like Phentermine, combined with recommended cardiovascular exercise. You will achieve your anticipated weight loss over a planned period whether your goal is to lose ten pounds or over one hundred pounds. All weight loss goals are obtainable with Dr. Behling’s help and your determination.

​LifeRestore MD’s mission is not to merely help patients lose weight. It is to change patient’s personal and social habits, so they can overcome our genetic predisposition to gain and maintain weight. Learn how to break old habits and acquire new ones that prevent the “yo-yo effect” of ultimately regaining the same 20-50 pounds year after year.

Dr. Behling’s protocol centers around time spent directly with him in an initial consultation and monthly follow-up visits to identify successful habits and correct improper applications of your plan to assure your success.​ Patients are taught not only to lose weight but to understand their metabolic physiology, so they not only lose weight but keep it off!

For Those Who Want to Take The Next Step.

If you are just as concerned with your body shape as you are about your body weight, Hormone Optimization may be for you. Once your weight is off, Dr. Behling can provide you the hormonal fuel needed to rebuild your body. With Hormone Optimization and a recommended exercise program, after you have lost weight, you can regain much of the tone and firmness you had when you were in your twenties.

​For more information on Hormone Optimization click here.

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