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Beautiful Kitchens By Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is a Specialty Niche for Contractors Generating "Top Dollar Wages" plus 100% Markup on All Materials.

Pre-Sale Agreement & Understanding

The purpose of the Kitchen Biz is to get you started quickly in the Kitchen Cabinet Refacing business. I can’t promise you’ll make a buck. I can’t promise you’ll be successful.  Only you can do that.

We are simply sharing valuable information and experience.

You gotta do prep homework before you make your first proposal.
You’ll gain experience and improve your skills as you complete projects.
You need to have carpentry, painting skills and previous construction experience.
You will need additional money to buy tools, sample doors, and advertising.
You can’t be afraid of paperwork.

I use www.Decore.com 100% of the time so all my information relates to Decorative Specialties. All this information is easily transferable to other cabinet shops like Walzcraft.com.  All our pricing examples are with Decore.

At some point you gotta dive in and try. Pull out a tape measure and measure your own kitchen. Practice being organized. Its worth the effort.

Before You Purchase…
Do homework. You need to see if this business will work for you and if will work in your area. Ask homeowners if they are interested.
Become a rep with Decore or Walzcraft or another door supplier.

You can’t be afraid of frustration, screwing up or learning new skills.
With all that being said, this is a great business. I’ll help you as best I can.

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