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Let me ask you a question…The last time you worked at the computer, did you find yourself:

  • Squinting to see your screen or to get rid of double vision
  • Rubbing your eyes because it made them feel better
  • Rolling your neck to ease stiffness
  • Needing to dim or adjust your lighting in your office
  • Getting headaches after long stretches of work
  • Noticing your eyes felt dry and itchy

Now, be honest. Because nearly 2/3 people will experience these symptoms but most may disregard them as just an “inconvenience” of working from home.

However, these are all classic symptoms of a growing condition known as “computer vision syndrome” or “digital vision syndrome” caused when the muscles that keep both eyes looking at the same target become fatigued.

Listen to this special message about eye misalignment from esteemed optometrist, Caroline Wells, OD of Carousel Eyecare in Houston, TX

If left untreated, eye misalignment can lead to more serious issues:


When we fail to converge (bring in the two eyes so they look at the same thing) , we end up with a fuzzy, distorted vision.
Taking breaks is a great temporary solution, realigning the eyes through neurolenses® is a longer term solution to get rid of the blur.


If the misalignment is severe and we continue forcing the eyes to work together, the brain has no choice but to "ignore" one of the eyes. When the brain starts to ignore the visual signal from one eye, that eye becomes amblyopic ( a lazy eye) and could deviate and turn outward.

Headaches, Pain & Low Productivity

Recent research proved that misalignment results in lower reading speed, which lowers productivity.
Headaches, eye pain, neck pain are very common side effects of misalignment. Most people resort to pain-killers as opposed to correcting the misalignment.

And if you work from home or behind a computer, this is something you need to be aware of and pro-actively address so you can continue to perform for your job or business.

So, what are your treatment options for Eye Misalignment?

Most standard treatment plans for correcting eye misalignment include Vision Therapywhich is essentially physical therapy for your eyes. However, most people struggle with vision therapy because:

  • It is time-consuming – requires weekly sessions
  • Requires a daily commitment to doing eye exercises
  • Can cause headaches, nausea, or migraines as you go through the exercises.
  • Can take months to see results
  • It’s can be costly and typically not covered by insurance (can cost upwards of $8000 for 3 months of treatment)

While Vision Therapy does work specially for children, we find that it just does not fit into most people’s active and busy lifestyles.

However, if you need a treatment option that you can see results in days and not months, and does not require any extra time commitment and is a fraction of the cost of vision therapy...

Neurolens® may be your solution.

With just a quick lifestyle quiz and an easy 15-minute in office test, you can get fitted for a pair of Neurolens® glasses and start experiencing relief.

Get near-instant relief from blurry vision, chronic headaches, dry eyes, and fatigue from long hours in front of the computer with Neurolens®.

Relief In Days
Not Months

Neurolens® gets to work immediately by correcting the image of your screen to adjust for eye misalignment. Because of the contoured prism design of Neurolens®, your eyes will not have to work as hard to focus, bringing relief to your eye muscles and thus, alleviating neck pain, eye strain, and headaches.

Affordable with
payment plans

At a fraction of the cost of other treatment plans like vision therapy, you can have your own custom fitted Neurolens® and custom frames for under $1600. PLUS, you can choose to spread your payments out over the course of 2 years without impacting your credit score.

No additional
testing costs

While you do need to visit our office to get tested, you will not be charged for any additional testing. Your Neurolens® test will be included in your routine check-up or eye exam. A quick 3-minute quiz and a short trip to our office, and we can customize your lenses and have them ready for you within 7-10 business days.

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You'll feel like you're making it up, because you've tried diets and every kind of med and you just become known as the guy who's always sick all the time. I tried the Neurolenses® and by the third day, I was in my doctor's office in tears. My only regreat is that I didn't get them in eight grade.

Lee H., patient

I would pay double for Neurolens® because I can't go a day without them.

Claire B., patient

I spent 20 years going from doctor to doctor for my headaches, trying different things, different the ER out of the ER...and nothing ever worked. This is the first thing that's been able to help. I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Shannon W., patient

However, if you need a treatment option that you can see results in days and not months, and does not require any extra time commitment and is a fraction of the cost of vision therapy...

Get relief with your own customized pair of Neurolens® at Carousel Eyecare in Houston, TX.

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